How do I keep my Rolex watches?

How does Rolex clean?

We all feel that the new replica watch is beautiful, it is also very upscale, but for a long time, the strap is also very old, Rolex is a big brand replica watches, like jewelery need regular maintenance Caixing, then, how to do Rolex cleaning? How to carry out regular maintenance and what matters need attention? Today, together to see the following description:

Rolex Cleaning Introduction

Before washing, you must confirm that the Rolex replica watch is waterproof (that is, the watch is regularly maintained at the right time, the crown is tightened, etc.). Of course, if your Rolex replica watch is Celini (Cellini) or other non-waterproof watch, please do not do so. Also be careful to avoid the use of solvents and detergents to avoid prolonged corrosion of the gasket.


Rolex cleaning the strap of the tool

Please prepare an old magazine, a clean cling film, an old toothbrush and wash the spirit. These tools are very common in their daily lives, so prepare these cleaning tools and then you can clean them according to the procedure.

Rolex watch strap cleaning process

First of all, we put the plastic wrap and magazine together, and then they rolled together into a cylinder, this can prevent a time to clean the strap when wet book. Then put the Rolex replica watch on the roll. The magazine rolled into the cylinder slowly enlarged, until the watch completely distract, the replica watch will not fall. This is done on the one hand is to facilitate the convenience of cleaning, more important is to stretch the strap, you can clean the cracks at the band gap. Now we have to clean the strap.


We still first wash the surface of the Rolex replica watch strap, and then clean the cracks in the band gap. The connection of these crevices is very close, so it is very difficult to clean the dirty things inside. Now these crevices are rolled out by the book into the cylinder, and naturally you can clean the inside of the dirt.

Then wash the back of the strap again, the same first cleaning the surface stains. Next, clean the cracks in the gap. We want to use the water to sweep the strap. Finally, the table on the shade place to dry, pay attention must not be exposed, it will damage the quality of the strap.


How does Rolex maintain?

(Rolex Group in Beijing) to do a waterproof test, do not go to the general maintenance department, they are not authorized, if they open the lid, Rolex will no longer maintain the replica replica watch after the maintenance of the maintenance of the watch The Recommended every 3 years to do after the sale of a cleaning machine. Rolex basic models of consumption of constant calendar calendar 50 years no problem.

Mechanical watch in the maintenance, to watch parts all broken, wipe the movement with gasoline, and then by professional equipment cleaning other other instruments within the replica watch, and finally oil, assembled. Watches outside the parts, cleaning the replica watch but also polished replica watch the appearance of the watch.

Because the replica watch uk on the technical parameters of the request is very high, so cleaning the watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old replica watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng new