Paul Newman’s Rolex Replica Daytona Has Sold for a Record $17.8 Million


Paul Newman’s iconic replica Rolex Daytona was put up for auction by Phillips in New York and sold for a record-breaking $17.8 million last week. For context, the previous most-expensive wristwatch ever sold for “only” $11 million late last year.

After being on his wrist for over 15 years, Paul Newman’s Daytona has quickly become the holy grail for replica watch collectors and the selling price more than proves that.

The replica watch, so iconic it is referred to as Paul Newman’s Paul Newman, was found four months ago after being presumed missing. James Cox, the onetime boyfriend of Newman’s daughter, Nell, was in possession of the replica watch after Newman had given it to him in the early ’80s before deciding to sell it to raise money for Nell’s Foundation.

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