Piaget watches to identify true and false tutorials

Many times the watch watch price of water is too high, people tend to choose other channels to buy replica Piaget watches, such as online shopping, sea and so on, these channels to buy watch promotions are relatively large, but also very careful to avoid buying fake Table, the following Hangzhou watch identification center to teach you how to simply identify the recipe false table:


Pieces of watches to distinguish between true and false appearance of the article – the appearance of details check the authenticity
First of all to carefully observe the appearance of the watch, mainly including the following aspects:
Function: most of the false table will work hard in the function, which is to see through the false watch break. Many of the functions of the false table are furnishings (such as moon phase, calendar, tourbillon, etc.) does not actually have this function.
Pointer: The pointer to the real thing can be distinguished from length, thickness, shape, and material and fake.
Disk: the traditional watch system with enamel surface, fine cloth process, metal disk, shell disk, etc., some watch also has its own unique technology, such as Rolex’s computer disk, Kadia’s pure gold and silver carved flowers Disk and so on. So from the watch surface is also a way to identify the authenticity of a method.
Piaget watch the true and false watch brand logo chapter – writing clear check the authenticity
General fake table is the most easy to expose the watch brand LOGO, especially on the surface of the watch brand LOGO. You can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully look at their workmanship. If it is a metal watch brand LOGO real table as bright as new, false watch watch brand LOGO edge rough, and some are not rules; if it is paint word, real table edge smooth and no burr, fake paint the edge of the word slightly open Traces, and the font has a depth, with 8 times the eyepiece can see more clearly.

Piaget hand to distinguish between true and false movement of the film – hear the sound view check the authenticity
Voice: in general, in addition to the Swiss movement of the 2824,2836 and other false statements, the other movement is the frequency of 21600, you only need to pick up in the ears to listen to, almost all are relatively slow tick, and now most of the true Tables are more than 28800 frequency, but many real table also slow down, so this is just one point.
Polished: look at the watch grinding method is delicate, like the poles watch the grinding is very particular about, and the process of counterfeiting is far from the process.
Piaget watches replica identified true and false number of articles – number correct check true and false
Watch table factory has its own fixed labeling rules, Piaget watch is no exception, and has its table of serial number, according to the number of the table can be found in the specification model and even the factory date and sales, and false table only With a number, and even no number, it is easy to distinguish.

Some real numbers are appearing in different positions of the table, and how fake happens to appear on the back of the table. And we all know that the local trademark offices are now on some big shopping malls and reputable shops of high-end luxury replica watches for sampling, such as the count of this watch will have a corresponding test. If the test will pass the certificate will be issued on this certificate and will send a laser anti-counterfeit signs.
Note: When buying the count when the watch must look at the seller’s certificate, but also look at the laser anti-counterfeit signs and the number on the checklist is the same.