Rare! Omega also has “green ghost”

Mention the diving table, Rolex’s water ghost is definitely one of the most classic replica watches, which in turn the most popular green ghosts. Before I was a bit puzzled, then the color of the color of the man how dare to wear, and later to understand; to the sigh! There are also many women wearing diving replica watches, such as Na Ying green ghosts, but mostly male watch women wear, rarely seen for women to create a diving watch.


But I really see such a woman for the diving table, green shape can not help but think of green ghosts. And this “ghost” is not Rolex but Omega, and some friends may think this is not a fake table, but in fact, it really is an ohm replica watch. This piece of the Omega replica watch is Christie’s summer watch online auction of an auction, number 62, this auction (June 27) has just ended.


This watch is Omega for women to create the diving table, belonging to the hippocampus 120 series (LADIES GREEN SEAMSTER 120), model REF. ST 566.007. I am curious to check this model, whether domestic or foreign sites can not find much too much information, but you can find it in the Omega file, the file shows that this replica watch produced in 1969, and sold United States.


This watch is not only rare for women to create the diving table, and the dial and bezel are used green design, this color in the use of diving table at the time is very rare, Generally speaking black is more common. To know, the real green diving table popular or because of Rolex green ghosts, but the green water ghost first appeared in 2003 (the 50th anniversary of the devil). This 1969 watch is estimated that the time is not popular green diving table, so that is very rare, and Omega diving table is also a small green version, so that is extremely rare.


The replica watch and the modern diving table, like a large three-pin function and date display function, the calendar window open at 3 o’clock position, the date window is surrounded by a square metal frame, black and white, highly readable The Watch with stainless steel to create, shell a bit Seiko abalone feeling, but the lines are softer, plus 30 mm table diameter, you can see this women’s watch women’s characteristics. Some people may say that time is not popular small diameter, 30 mm how is the female table size. Although the popular small diameter, but in fact the average size of male replica watch also has 32 mm, let alone diving table such a sports watch, the size is certainly bigger. Applied to the female diving table above is the case, I guess this replica watch should be larger than the then non-sports female table size.


At 12 o’clock position is below, is the Omega LOGO and brand name, LOGO is made of stainless steel, the brand name is white printed body, “AUTOMATIC” signature is that this is an automatic mechanical watch. Stereo metal time scale and pointer filled with luminous material, printed up to the same time stamped with luminous coating, rotating bezel also set the night to ensure diving safety. 6 o’clock above the hippocampus 120 English, indicating the identity of the replica watch. The entire watch in good condition, even today can also be worn.


And a lot of antique table, replica watch is not now popular through the end of the design, and is used in dense design. Stainless steel bottom cover center has a circle, the circle is Omega hippocampus pattern, horse upper part of the Omega Seamaster 120 signature, below the “WATERPROOF” it is a waterproof watch, as the name suggests, water depth of 120 meters. Inside the replica watch is equipped with Omega CALIBER.680 self-winding movement. The watch is valued at USD 2,000 – $ 4,000 and is traded at USD 2250, or about $ 15,300. Although not as many popular favorites, but the replica watch uk itself is still very interesting.