Wrong of the fifty of the purchase of the trip

Since last year in December to Switzerland took a 6664 after the wear of fresh gold for half a year gradually, the total feeling was a little bit of money can buy a Breguet 7057BR, there is no way to choose the syndrome of people. Haha, may have the choice of time to suffer. I have always been literary and artistic young people boasted, so I would like to buy a small point of the art of replica watches, analysis and again, that the Athens Maritime Observatory replica watch series 1183-126 / 40 watch small blue watch very sigh. Decided to order to buy, just have a friend to travel to the United States, analysis again and again, decided to buy from jomashop there. Ready to do, but it is not as good as the day count ah, when the next time I found the Agricultural Bank of China visa Bai Bai site did not support, a variety of Raiders still unsuccessful, for which I have all kinds of efforts (including re-apply for a new CITIC Express Platinum and Societe Generale Platinum), because the credit has been very good, and soon approved down, it is estimated that the next time theory and time. And then have to despise jomashop on the country card does not support.


In the other card sent over during the boring and look at Zhang aunt’s website recommended, even found Blancpain BLANCPAIN fifty series 5785F-11D03-63 men’s mechanical replica watch in the ashford website even $ 7999 special. I immediately interested in big hair, of course, mainly on the more strength, and immediately gave a friend of Switzerland called the next consultation, where the price of Geneva have to more than 10,000 US dollars knife, and instantly love, from the young artists into a sports moment Young people, had always felt that 6664 daily wear that is no problem, rest days or travel out when wearing a feeling is not very appropriate, so another diving table is also good, thinking to want to go or to this bar, the back is simple, not Ashford service is not recommended is good, and soon orders the success. Thank you in the United States travel high school students passers-by! Her high school time has been particularly good in English, found a single day did not send out immediately consult customer service, and repeatedly communicate and appropriate credit card information and identity card information. Finally get, and finally on the website to see the order to send the information, consider again and again 18 US knife two days arrival service

Surely, my classmate passers-by a smooth receipt of the watch and found that the warranty card is still available for two years of global UNPROFOR service, so people say ashford does not support the issue of global UNPROFOR I am surprised, I later got the watch went to Xidan Of the Bao Bao flagship store, customer service does not see the direct recognition of effective, I chuckle. Have to say, Blancpain in mainland China 26 municipalities and capital cities have stores, but also in the high cost of Beijing APM has a flagship store. Fifty is the word “fathoms” translation, is used to measure the water depth of the unit. In Shakespeare was recognized as the last complete masterpiece “storm”, the wizard Alice sing in the song “Five fathoms deep water lay your father, his bones are coral into … …”, rumors when Ren Bao Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, CEO of Perth, was inspired by the word “fathoms” for the replica watch, and at the time of the air compression technique, 91.44 meters) is considered to be almost the depth of the dive can dive to the depth.


New Year’s Day successfully received the watch, get a watch look apart, number 177. I particularly like, in my opinion, the so-called top brands must be those who can continue to introduce new, in the seemingly ordinary appearance can also bring you Some surprises the brand can be deserved. And replica Blancpain is such a can afford to live so praised the brand. However, even with such a mentality, but also have to admit, in the first glance to see this table, I still look down on the replica Blancpain brand technology innovation strength.


Just began to wear in the hand and found the watch slightly Shen, first dial a large, should be the carbon fiber crown, feel or can. Is the strap is buckle belt, or not as good as butterfly buckle, I also intend to install a new strap. This replica Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 50 series 5785F-11D03-63 men’s mechanical watch, using Cal.F185 movement, 37 stone, power reserve 40 hours, 308 parts, carbon fiber dial, return time, three Eye hours, black orange with diving bezel + inner circle of sight meter, and red pointer embellishment, the atmosphere of luxury, full of tension without losing practical, even in the dark environment also has a good visual effect. 6 o’clock at a small calendar window, table diameter 45mm, thick 16mm, 300 meters waterproof. Case bottom cover embedded in a sapphire crystal glass bottom cover, put Tuo’s arc design for the beautiful movement to provide a broader field of vision, each piece of plywood are all Seiko polished, savor, memorable. In fact, when using the diving table and other mechanical replica watches are not the same, the first counter-clockwise open the crown, this watch is also two adjustment mode, the most is the time to adjust the middle of the adjustment calendar.

Fifty series of replica watches than the lotus is also much more than a lot of four, two put together more often very obvious! Personal advice, if the hand is not thick enough, or do not wear sports table! Of course, different styles, the wise see wisdom.